Available Commands

You can always check simplified list of the all available commands using /help command. Below are the complete list of commands with a detailed explanation.

Basic Commands

Command Description Usage
/create [Description] Create a party. The description will be displayed in various places including the lobby channel. /c Ranked Mode Party
/break Break the party. /break
/status Show the current status of the party like members and etc. /status
/join Join the party in the current channel. /join
/queue Join the party waiting list in the current channel. /queue
/leave Leave the party. /leave

Advanced Commands

Party Preferences

Command Description Usage
/desc [Description] Change the party description which will be displayed in various places including the lobby channel. /desc Regular Mode
/leader [Mention(Optional)] Change the party leader to yourself or a mentioned member. /leader
/leader @Mark
/cap [Capacity] Change the party capacity. /cap 4
/close Temporarily close the party and block all newly joining users. However members can still be added manually by using the /add command. /close<
/open Reopen the party and accept newly joining users. /open
/move [Channel] Move the entire party to a different empty party channel. /move #party_2

Member Management

Command Description Usage
/add [Mentions] Add a mentioned user to the party regardless of the party capacity and/or whether the party is open or closed. /add @Mark
/kick [Mentions] Kick a mentioned member from the party. /kick @Mark
/shuffle Shuffle the party members and give a random sequential number to each. Useful for deciding the order. /shuffle
/group [Allocations(Separated by space)] Shuffle the party members and generate random groupings with specified group allocations. Useful for making teams within the party. /group 4 3
(Generate groups of 4 and 3 members each)
/assemble Move all party members to the voice channel you are in right now. /assemble

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