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Recruit and Manage Your Party Members

SwarmBot is a bot that helps you manage in-game parties, platoons, squads and etc inside the Discord server. You can create parties within your Discord servers and look for members, or check all the current active parties with ease. The bot can be installed on any servers, and it's a great choice as the party management solution for clans and community servers where a number of players are active at the same time.

Create and Edit Your Party

You can create the party in designated party channel(s) using the /create [Description] command with the party description such as the game mode, rank, goal, types of party and etc. And start looking for your member within the server.

The party leader and the members can configure the capacity, description, new leader, and manually add or kick the members.

Anyone can check the current status of the party such as the members, with the /status command.

Look for Friends Who Wants to Play

The lobby channel will be updated everytime someone creates or edit, and joins or leaves the party so that you can always check the current open party.

Powerful Member Management Features

Users can join the party with the /join command, and leave with the /leave command. And the members in the party can /add [Mention(s)] or /kick [Mention(s)] the other users manually.

When the party is full, all newly joining users will be added in the "Waiting List" instead. So that the members can check whom to invite next whenever they got an open space.

There are couple other commands to help you manage the party members. See Commands for all available commands.

Need groupings? Boom. There you go.

Whenever you need some groupings for your party, SwarmBot can automatically generate a random grouping with allocations specified.

You can also set aliases to be shown within bot messages, so that you can let others know that you're using some alt accounts in-game that its name is completely different from your main account.

Invite SwarmBot

Click the button at the top of the page to login with your Discord account, and select the server you want to invite SwarmBot.

Official Discord

You can ask questions regarding to the usage of the SwarmBot, or send a feature request from our official Discord server! Click here to join now.

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